Text Editing Services

From line editing to print formatting, let us take your print project to the next level. We specialize in perfecting the details so that nothing gets in the way of connecting with your audience.

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Editing Services Line Editing

Line Editing focuses on the artistic style of your content. It adds layers of depth and energizes the sentence structure. Line Editing is often applied before or alongside of Copy Editing.

Line Editing addresses:

  • Coherence and sentence flow
  • Content style and organization
  • Elimination of tangential information
  • Fact checking and references
  • Vocabulary, register, and sentence structure


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Editing Services Copy Editing

Copy Editing is a process focused on overall readability. Edits follow the guidelines of a chosen style and focus on the four ‘c’s: Correctness, Clarity, Coherence and Consistency.

Copy Editing addresses:

  • Potential issues with content accuracy
  • The mechanics of grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Awkward sentence structure and word choice
  • Consistent application of formatting


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Service Options Print Formatting

Comprehensive editing support for your print projects, with a specialization in Adobe Suite.

Our Print Formatting service offers:

  • Comprehensive Copy Editing for Correctness, Clarity, Coherence, and Consistency
  • Consultation on style, layout, and color palette
  • Creation of original and PDF files for your project
  • Direct communication with print service regarding print requirements


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With Editing Advantage, you never need to sweat the details. Unleashing your ideas is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1: Connecting

Text Editing Services Consultation

Share your project goals, preferences, and delivery timeline with our simple online signup form. We’ll send a project quote based on our low-cost hourly rate. Upload your document and the editing magic will begin!

Step 2: Revision

Whether it’s initial line editing, copy editing, or final proofing, our meticulous attention to detail will polish your content to a shine. We will identify the elements of your story that make your ideas stand out from the crowd and ways we can maximize your influence and reach.

Text Editing Services Revision

Step 3: Delivery

Text Editing Services Delivery

Receive your finished product and you’re ready to start unleashing your ideas. For print projects, we will work with your print service to provide the necessary document format and parameters. Once your project is complete, we will still be there to answer any questions or provide further guidance.

Not sure where to begin? Reach out today for a no-obligation consultation.